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Our mission is to supply classic and super cars to individuals, professional dealers  and investors using our international network of professionals and collectors.

We operate following four lines of business:

1 Offer classic cars from private collections, through our website and our agents.

2 Offer supercars from UAE to the European Market.

3 Search into the European market for a specific model upon request.

4 Check, buy and send a third-party car in the European market, which has been selected by our customer.

Really easy, we'll send it to you, everywhere.

*Since sometimes they depend on third parties, the prices advertised on the website are in no case contractual or enforceable.

*Unless specified, web prices do not include transportation costs.

*Customs and registration will be arranged and paid by the client.​

Thanks to car brokerage, journalism and auction experience, we got a wide network of professionals, collectors, engineers and mechanics that allow us to find and tune up if necessary the right vehicle, condition and  specifications.


The vehicles may belong to us or be available through direct access to the owners or their direct representatives.

Most of our selected cars are "European row", preferred over USA and other markets. However we are likely to be able to find any vehicles upon request.

All our cars are checked by specialized mechanics. Because of that, we offer preferably these 4 brands: Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari and Lamborghini. However, we can find any other car upon request. Also we have engineers and mechanics specialized in competition cars (mechanical and electronic areas support, mainly).

Fernando Jover



WhatsApp  GST +971529742608

​Engineer and manager, he leads the firm from Dubai,  where he resides since 2010 .  Administrator and account manager,  Our man in the Emirates.

Bernardo Aparicio



WhatsApp(GST -2) +34617461680

Contributor journalist for European specialized car magazines and auction consultant. Formed by Mazda and Audi, he is related to car market since 2003. 

Amateur racer in several disciplines: 24h endurance, rallys and 4x4 raids.

Manuel Garriga



WhatsApp (GST-2) +34661560345

​More than 30 years of experience as journalist and director for classic vehicles magazines. More than 1000 articles published across european and american journals. He combines his activity as specialized journalist with auction manager.


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